"In writing fiction, the more fantastic the tale, the plainer the prose should be. Don't ask your readers to admire your words when you want them to believe your story." - Ben Bova [ more quotes ]


Blue Hotel
Written by James Agee

A group of strangers, stranded by a storm, meet at an out-of-the-way hotel and agree to play a friendly game of cards. But when one of the men accuses another of cheating, the friendly game turns deadly serious.

Blue Hotel (Unproduced) [.TXT]

Written by Larry Wachowski and Andy Wachowski

After newly arrived traveler John Bunyan comes to the aid of a young woman being abused by her date in a diner, she invites him to stay with friends above a homeless shelter's soup kitchen. But after awhile, John begins to suspect that all is not right with the soup kitchen's delicious stew.
Carnivore (Unproduced) [.TXT]

The Doors Of Perception
Written by Paul Schrader

Bio-chemist and medical researcher, Hume Rankin, is beginning a clinical study of the effects of psychotropic drugs on disabiling disorders in humans. Hume's younger and recreational drug savvy brother, Russell, convinces Hume to let him join the drug test trials. When Russell, under the influence of the mind altering drug, experiences a vision of his mother, Evangeline, being brutally murdered, he convinces Hume to stop the test. Russell and Hume hurry to their mother's house to find that Russell's vision was correct. Who killed Evangeline and how can Russell and Hume find the killer?
Doors Of Perception, The (Unproduced) [.TXT]

Eight Scenes From The Life Of Hank Williams
Written by Paul Schrader

Chronicles the short life of country music legend Hank Williams from his earliest performances in smoky roadhouses near his home in Montgomery, Alabama to his rise as a star of the Grand Ole Opry to his tragic death.
Eight Scenes From The Life Of Hank Williams (Unproduced) [.TXT]

Written by Paul Schrader

U.S. District Attorney -- recently named Anti-terrorism Czar -- Jude Mazzo, learns the true meaning of the word "power" when he is implicated in the death of a Washington D.C. woman.

Investigation (Unproduced) [.TXT]

Looking For The Man
Written by Doran William Cannon

After the tragic death of his mother, Don Markel returns to his home town to deal with his Alzheimers afflicted father and his own estranged son.

Napoleon (Unproduced) [.TXT]

Written by Stanley Kubrick

The story of Napoleon Bonaparte's rise and fall, beginning in his childhood, following him through his education as a soldier, then examining the complex social, political and military factors that made him Emperor of France, as well as the reasons for his ultimate downfall.

Napoleon (Unproduced) [.TXT]

One Saliva Bubble
Written by David Lynch and Mark Frost

A moronic security guard, working at a military base, amuses his fellow guards by making a fart noise with his mouth and, unbeknownst to him, ejects a tiny saliva bubble that lands inside the control board of a top secret weapons system and causes a tiny short circuit. The short circuit causes the weapon to discharge on the tiny town of Newtonville, Kansas where it causes many of the townspeople to switch personalities.

One Saliva Bubble (Unproduced) [.TXT]

Written by Ted Newsom and John Brancato
Based on a character created by Stan Lee

Nerdy college student, Peter Parker, develops superpowers after being bitten by an irradiated spider. Peter is not sure to make of his powers until the death of his Uncle Ben at the hands of a thief that Peter previously failed to stop. When University professor, Dr. Otto Octavius, is denied access to the University's cyclotron, his desire to finish his research forces him to take drastic measures. When Octavius' experiment goes horribly wrong he decends into madness and becomes Dr. Octopus.

-- Read here what James E. Galton (then president of Marvel Comics) wrote to Menahem Golan (head of Cannon Films) about his impressions of this screenplay.
-- This screenplay is the subject of a lawsuit filed in March 2003. You can read all about it here. Update: the lawsuit was recently "amicably resolved."

Spider-Man (Unproduced) [.TXT]

Stone My Heart
Written by Michael Roemer

Lori, a troubled young woman from a highly disfunctional family, and David, a wealthy medical school student, meet as innocent bystanders during a deadly liquor store robbery. David and Lori's budding relationship falters when David meets Lori's mentally ill brother, Rick, her drug addicted sister, Karen, and her womanizing, absentee father, Roy.

Stone My Heart (Unproduced) [.TXT]

Suspect Zero
Written by Paul Schrader
Based on a story by Zak Penn

A serial killer is stalking and killing other serial killers, with two FBI agents -- Thomas Mackelway and Fran Kulok, caught in the middle.

NOTE: Before you say "That's not unproduced. I've seen that movie." The original draft of 'Suspect Zero' -- written in 1997 by Zak Penn -- was passed around Hollywood for 5 years before being made in 2004. Many screenwriters took a turn at revising or re-writing the story including Paul Schrader, who wrote the draft posted here. After all was said and done, the original draft by Zak Penn (with some help by Billy Ray ) was used.
Suspect Zero (Unproduced) [.TXT]

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