"In writing fiction, the more fantastic the tale, the plainer the prose should be. Don't ask your readers to admire your words when you want them to believe your story." - Ben Bova [ more quotes ]


Fantastic Four
Written by Mark Frost and Michael France
Based on the Marvel comic book by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby

Scientist, Reed Richards (Ioan Gruffudd), astronaut, Ben Grimm (Michael Chiklis), Reed's ex-girlfriend, Susan Storm (Jessica Alba), and Sue's brother, Johnny Storm (Chris Evans), journey into space as the guests of billionaire financier, Victor Von Doom (Julian McMahon), to study the effect of cosmic radiation on living entities. But, as usually happens in traditional comic-book style, things go wrong and the cosmic radiation changes the group's molecular structures.

Fantastic Four [.TXT]

"A lot can happen in the middle of nowhere."

Winner of the Academy Award for best screenplay written directly for the screen (as well as a best actress Oscar for Francis McDormand), Fargo tells the tale of a kidnapping gone bad in a juxtaposition of violence and humor that the Coen's do to perfection. Pay close attention to the dialog in the screenplay. The Minnesota "Scandinavian-American" dialects are dead-on. (Ethan & Joel are from Minnesota. As a matter of fact, the restaurant used in the opening sequence where Jerry meets the kidnappers is where Ethan once worked as a dishwasher.)
Fargo [.TXT]

Fast Times At Ridgemont High
Written by Cameron Crowe
Based on a novel by Cameron Crowe

Based on his semi-autobiographical novel, Cameron Crowe explores the problems of a group of high-school teenagers as they discover dating, sex, drugs, fidelity and maturity with a mixture of humor and drama.
Fast Times At Ridgemont High [.TXT]

Fatal Instinct
Written by David O'Malley

Police Officer/Defense Attorney Ned Ravine (Armand Assante) finds himself attracted to client Lola Kane (Sean Young) but tries to stay faithful to his cheating wife Lana (Kate Nelligan) while being total oblivious to his shy secretary Laura Lincolnberry (Sherilyn Fenn) while a man whom he send to jail, Max Shady (James Remar), is released and comes looking to kill him.
Fatal Instinct [.TXT]

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas
Written by Terry Gilliam, Tony Grisoni, Tod Davies and Alex Cox
Based on a book by Hunter S. Thompson

Journalist Raoul Duke (Johnny Depp) and his psychotic lawyer sidekick Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Toro) roar into Las Vegas to cover a desert motorcycle race and encounter more than they bargained for.

Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas [.TXT]

Written by Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunston

An accident in a cave unwittingly unleashes a family of hideous flesh-shredding monsters on the world. An assorted group of misfits, trapped in a run-down tavern, may be the only ones left alive to fight the terror.

SCRIPT NOTE: Winner of the third "Project Greenlight" contest. To learn more about "Project Greenlight" click here.

Read both the Early Draft and the Revised Draft to see the difference a good rewrite makes.
Feast - Early Draft [.TXT] Feast - Revised Draft [.TXT]

A Few Good Men
Written by Aaron Sorkin

Two young Marines, Pfc. Louden Downey (James Marshall) and Lance Cpl. Harold W. Dawson (Wolfgang Bodison) face court martial when a hazing incident at their base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba results in the death of fellow Marine, Pfc. William T. Santiago (Michael DeLorenzo). When Lieutenant Daniel Caffey (Tom Cruise) and Lieutenant Commander Galway (Demi Moore) are assigned to defend the two Marines, they confront Commanding Officer Colonel Nathan Jessop (Jack Nicholson) in an attempt to discover what was truly behind the incident.

NOTE: Nominated for 4 Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor - Jack Nicholson, Best Editing & Best Sound.

Few Good Men, A [.TXT]

Five Easy Pieces
Written by Carole Eastman and Bob Rafelson

California oil rig worker Robert Dupea (Jack Nicholson) and his big-haired, Tammy Wynette worshipping girlfriend Rayette Dipesto (Karen Black) return to his upper class home to comfort his dying father.
Five Easy Pieces [.TXT]

Written by Andrew Bergman
Based on the novel by Gregory McDonald

Investigative newspaper reporter Irwin M. "Fletch" Fletcher (Chevy Chase) goes undercover as a junkie to discover the source of drugs on a local beach. While undercover, Fletch is approached by millionare Alan Stanwyk (Tim Matheson) with a strange request. He wants Fletch to break into his house and kill him. Of course Fletch says "yes."
Fletch [.TXT]

Forrest Gump
Written by Eric Roth
Based on a novel by Winston Groom

Forrest Gump (Tom Hanks) is a simple man who through accident, serendipity and genuine kindness manages to play a part in most of the important historical events in the last 30 years. He goes to school during the beginnings of integration, serves in Vietnam with his shrimp lovin' buddy Bubba Blue (Mykelti Williamson) and saves the life of his commanding officer Lt. Dan Taylor (Gary Sinse). Through it all, Forrest never forgets the simple wisdom of his momma (Sally Field) and his love for his childhood sweetheart Jenny Curran (Robin Wright Penn). None of us pass through this life without affecting the lives of others.

SCRIPT NOTE: Academy Award winner of best adapted screenplay 1994.
Forrest Gump [.TXT]

Four Rooms
Written by Allison Anders, Alexandre Rockwell, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino

It's New Year's Eve and rookie bellhop Ted (Tim Roth) is about to have the worst night of his life. This four segment anthology movie is tied together by Ted moving from room-to-room and crisis-to-crisis in the Mon Signor Hotel. Segment #1 - "The Missing Ingredient" (written and directed by Allison Anders) finds a coven of witches (Valeria Golino, Madonna, Ione Skye, Sammi Davis, Lili Taylor and Alicia Witt) trying to resurrect the spirit of their goddess Diana (Amanda De Cadenet). Segment - #2 "The Wrong Man" (written and directed by Alexandre Rockwell) traps Ted between a beautiful woman in bondage (Jennifer Beals) and her psycho gun-toting husband (David Proval). Segment #3 - "The Misbehavors" (written and directed by Robert Rodriguez) has Ted being bribed to baby-sit a gangster's (Antonio Banderas) two children (Lana McKissack and Danny Veruzco). And Segment #4 - "The Man From Hollywood" (written and directed by Quentin Tarantino) puts Ted in the middle of a wager between a movie star's (Quentin Tarantino) prized car and his friend Norman's (Paul Calderon) little finger.
Four Rooms [.TXT]

Written by Eric Bergren, Christopher De Vore and Nicholas Kazan

Based on the shocking true story of actress Frances Farmer (Jessica Lange) who in her lifetime went from the heights of Hollywood stardom to the depths of brutal mistreatment at the hands of mental institution "doctors."

Frances [.TXT]

Frankenstein (1994)
Written by Steph Lady and Frank Darabont
Based on the novel by Mary Shelley

Medical student Victor Frankenstein (Kenneth Branagh) befriends Professor Waldman (John Cleese) whose research into the re-generation of life inspires Victor to experiment on his own. Victor's grotesque obsession leads him to create the "Creature" (Robert De Niro).
Frankenstein (1994) [.TXT]

Friday The 13th
Written by Victor Miller and Ron Kurz (uncredited)

Owner, Steve Christie (Peter Brouwer), and a group of over-sexed teenagers, (including a very young Kevin Bacon), come to the run-down New Jersey summer camp, Camp Crystal Lake, to fix it up for a new season of campers. In 1958, the camp was the site of the brutal murder of a pair of counselors by an unapprehended killer. Will the new counselors make it through the summer? Nah!

Friday The 13th [.TXT]

From Dusk Till Dawn
Written by Quentin Tarantino
Story by Robert Kurtzman

Two outlaw brothers, Seth (George Clooney) and Richard Gecko (Quentin Tarantino) kidnap ex-reverend Jacob Fuller (Harvey Keitel) and his family, Scott (Ernest Liu) and Kate (Juliette Lewis), to help them escape across the border into Mexico. Once in Mexico the group stops at an all-night bar to wait for their criminal contact.
From Dusk Till Dawn [.TXT]

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