"In writing fiction, the more fantastic the tale, the plainer the prose should be. Don't ask your readers to admire your words when you want them to believe your story." - Ben Bova [ more quotes ]

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That being said...

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Reason For This Site.
Most all screenwriting experts agree on this piece of advice: "The best way to learn to write screenplays is to read screenplays." I have been collecting screenplays and scripts for over 25 years because I love movies. I wanted to make a site for movie lovers as well as screenwriters to come and read scripts in their proper formats. Because of this, you won't find any transcripts (well... maybe a couple) on this site.

Some of the scripts that you will find on this site can be found elsewhere on the Internet but they will be presented here in their proper formats. I have, if needed, reformatted these scripts using formatting software (Final Draft, Movie Magic, Sophocles, etc...) but punctuation, spelling and grammar are unchanged from the original.

The scripts are presented in "plain vanilla" text file (.TXT) format. This way they can be imported into almost any viewing or editing software.

Web Design.
No rollovers, no flash movies, no bull$&!*. You don't need 'em and that leaves me more room for scripts. I want to use just enough graphics to make the site interesting without being slow and confusing. If you can't find your way around this site, you shouldn't be on the web...

No banners, no "Gator", and most importantly, no pop-ups. This site is for educational purposes. A small unobtrusive advert on the main page to cover hosting costs.

The goal right now is new content every Friday morning.

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